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Are you a go-with-the-flow adventurer? Don't get tied down by strict itineraries on your next trip-plan an independent adventure with All About Travel. Whether you want to visit the Caribbean or explore a European country, you can trust our team in Bangor, ME to make your vacation ideas a reality.

Here's how it works:

You discuss your travel ideas with our local adventure travel agent.
We reserve the lodging at your destination for you.
You spend your days adventuring without the stress of trying to find hostels or booking hotels.

Don't put off your independent adventure any longer. Call us at 207-945-0808 now to get started.

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Should you plan an independent adventure?

The independent adventure travel options we offer at All About Travel in Bangor, ME aren’t for everyone. In fact, they might not be perfect for all of your vacation ideas. We often recommend independent adventures for:

  • Individuals planning short trips
  • Adventurers visiting a single location or region
  • Couples and small groups planning trips together

Want to learn more about the perks of independent adventure travel? Contact All About Travel today.