Take the Stress Out of International Travel

Ask about the perks of group travel from our Bangor, ME agents

Visiting a foreign country can be intimidating-you don't speak the language, know which foods to eat or which side of the road to drive on. Don't let your concerns derail your dream trip-arrange for guided group travel at All About Travel in Bangor, ME.

Over the years, we've built a vast network of local guides who are excited to show you their home countries. They know the local languages and customs and will take you to destinations that the average tourist might never see.

For more details about the group travel tours we plan, call All About Travel now at 207-945-0808.

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Take the stress out of your international adventure

The group travel tours planned by All About Travel in Bangor, ME are all-inclusive. Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll be greeted by your local tour guide and start your adventure. Your guide will follow a structured itinerary that includes:

  • Where you’ll stay each night
  • What sites you’ll see each day
  • Where you’ll be eating
  • How long it will take to travel from location to location

Many people choose group travel because it allows them to relax and soak in their international experience. If you’re ready to give group travel a try, visit All About Travel today.